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Wakame from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean around the south of New Zealand. With a unique taste that is winning approval from those who use Wakame the most - Japanese people.

Forest Gourmet New Zealand Wakame
Wakame, or Japanese Kelp is the delicious fronds of the sea vegetable, Undaria. Highly valued for its nutritional qualities as well as its flavour.

Forest Gourmet Wakame is harvested from the wild, in the pristine ocean waters of southern New Zealand. Freeze dried.
Forest Gourmet New Zealand Wakame Salt
Wakame Salt

Contains 20g of New Zealand flaky sea salt and 10g of dried wakame in the 30g bottle.
How does Forest Gourmet's Wakame compare with traditional Wakame from Japan?

Well, we asked some actual Japanese chefs now living in New Zealand:


"Best and tastiest Wakame I've ever had. This is Wakame, but something more than other Wakame." - Nobu and Ruri, Chidori Japanese Noodle Restaurant.
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